Episode 10 - From San Francisco to San Antonio: Franklin Moore's Tech and Marketing Journey

Episode 10 – From San Francisco to San Antonio: Franklin Morris’s Tech and Marketing Journey

In this insightful episode of “The Boost,” host Pablo Calvo welcomes Franklin Moore, VP of Marketing at Alloy AI, to discuss the evolving dynamics of the tech and marketing landscapes, particularly in the context of post-pandemic adjustments and the strategic choice of San Antonio over Austin for technology professionals. Franklin shares his journey through the…

Episode 9: The Startup That's Boosting Nonprofits - A Conversation with Nonprofits HQ

Episode 9: The Startup That’s Boosting Nonprofits – A Conversation with Nonprofits HQ

Host Leon welcomes Zach and Alberto from Nonprofits HQ to discuss their journey in the nonprofit sector, the challenges they faced starting up, their move to San Antonio, and their mission to improve nonprofit operations through technology. Leon Hitchens: Linkedin & X Nonprofits HQ: Website YouTube: Podcast:

Episode 8 - The State of Geekdom and Entrepreneurship in San Antonio

Episode 8 – The State of Geekdom and Entrepreneurship in San Antonio

Join Pablo and Leon as they discuss their experiences with Geekdom, the dynamic entrepreneurial hub of San Antonio. They share a retrospective on their journey from casual visitors to engaged members with office space, the power of mentorship, and the broader impact of Geekdom in fostering a diverse and inclusive startup ecosystem. Listen in as…

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Episode 7 – Accessibility on the Internet with a Special Guest from Accessibe

In this episode of The Boost, hosts Leon Hitchens and Pablo delve into internet accessibility. They discuss the significant gap in accessible web content and the impact of this shortfall on individuals with disabilities. With a special guest, Alexandra Britez from AccessiBe, they explore solutions and the importance of making the web more inclusive. Hosts: …

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Episode 6 – Interview with Realtor Jay Rebaldo of Rebaldo Realty Group

In this episode of The Boost, hosts Pablo and Leon sit down with Jay Rebaldo from Rebaldo Realty Group to talk about the world of real estate. Jay shares his journey from building and developing teams in the corporate world to his passion for real estate, which led him to establish his real estate team….

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Episode 5 – Interview with Venture Lab Founder & Executive Director

In this episode of The Boost, we’re learning about Venture Lab, where education meets entrepreneurship. Dr. Cristal Glangchai, founder of Venture Lab, and Desma Dietz, Executive Director, share how they’re shaping future leaders. From tackling tech’s diversity gap to global impact, Venture Lab redefines education and innovation. Join us for an inspiring conversation into a…

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Episode 4: AI, Copyright, and the Future of Content Creation

The episode delves into the complex interplay between AI, copyright law, and the future of content creation, highlighting the potential of AI as both a tool and a challenge for creators and businesses alike. The hosts discuss the need for ethical use of AI, the importance of copyright protection, and the evolving landscape of digital…

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Episode 1 – The Agency Angle: Balancing WordPress, Page Builders, and Client Needs

Get ready for “The Boost”! We cover the newest happenings in news, business, and technology around South Texas. Our show features important industry leaders who share their views on what’s coming up in the future. The discussions are led by experienced professionals who have spent many years working with some of the most interesting figures…

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